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Bartending Services & Catering for Events & Parties
At Paradise Bar & Beverage Service, we know you have a lot of things to worry about when organizing an event or party. With this in mind, we make sure we have you covered for all your beverage catering needs when you hire us for bar service. You can rest assured that there will be plenty of drinks, supplies, and our professional Mixologists can address any concerns you might have. Take a look at what Paradise has to offer…
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Full Bar Menu
At Paradise, we know that you need top quality liquor to make a good drink, so we always provide the best. We also know that nothing kills a party faster than running out of drinks. With that in mind, when you book Paradise to beverage cater your event you’ll always have enough drinks to fill our four (4) hour bar service.
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Beer and Wine
At Paradise Bar & Beverage Service, we know beverage catering isn’t just about the cocktails. We have you covered when it comes to beer and wine as well! All of our four (4) hour bar service packages and themed bars come with the best beer and wine included. Whether your preference is an ice cold Budweiser or a glass of Chardonnay, you’ll find it in Paradise.
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Handcrafted Cocktail Creations
Basil Infused Pomegranate Martini - Our most popular concoction, BlackBerry Smash - Small batch bourbon, fresh lime, tarragon, Love’s Blush - Muddles Organic Raspberries, Fresh Mint & Simple Syrup
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Martini Bar
Martini Bar Perfect for any Celebration! Cosmopolitan – Vodka, Cranberry Juice & Fresh Squeezed Lime Lemon Drop – Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Lemon & Sugar Sour Apple – Vodka, Sour Apple Liqueur & Sweet n’ Sour