Paradise Bar is Coming to NY!

Time to let the cat out of the bag, Paradise Bar is coming to New York! To celebrate the occasion, Paradise Bar Events hosted an intimate happy hour at the sleek location provided by Peer Space which belongs to Fueled which resides on the 11th floor of 568 Broadway NY, NY. Guests experienced the farm to bar craft cocktail experience that Paradise does best. Even “Chopped” star Coby Farrow, dropped by to check it out. Farrow is now the Executive Chef at Pulqueria. From the signature blackberry smash margarita to the classic ginger rose, New Yorkers now know why Paradise Bar is a smash in Los Angeles. From the moment you walk up to the bar your senses are instantly ignited. First with the smell of fresh ginger & basil, then with the sight of bright fruit colors, all the way down the taste of the smashing cocktails. They are even served to you by bartenders dressed Prohibition style, complete with bow-tie and suspenders. NY loves Paradise Bar Events!