A Zoom Happy Hour that you won’t forget!

Virtual Mixology
We bring you Farm-to-Bar

Now celebrity mixologist, Mitch Harris, comes to the Virtual Universe.  The mixology course formerly known as “Private Mixology Classes” has carried over to the new virtual platform.

This is a pivot in response to our new norm, the work-from-home, network-from-home era, and with companies now adjusting to working remotely, while trying to find the niche with a new creative and interesting way to have team meetings with interactive experiences and network with others virtually.

Mitch Harris gives a live demonstration on mixology via Zoom

Thats why we bring you Mitch Harris’s famous Farm-to-Bar style in the comfort of your home, office space, conference room, or even a hosted party with a group of your favorite people. A new way to connect.

There’s no better way than by learning a new and fun skill live on Zoom. Don’t you agree?

So if you’re like me, and really want to learn how your bartender makes some of your favorite cocktails or even signature beverages.


The answer is here.

Gather a group of your family and friends, co-workers, or colleagues to meet virtually for a fun and interactive session on Mixology 101. Mitch Harris makes it fun and easy to learn the “Farm-to-Bar” techniques of building and crafting cocktail beverages from scratch using any of the ingredients that you may have in your own kitchen.

A one hour course showing you step-by-step how to build your own aromatic botanical craft cocktails from the comfort of wherever you maybe located as we bring you your virtual experience you will never forget. While learning new skills to impress your favorite people and become their new bartender.

How to plan and schedule your Virtual Mixology Session

A live virtual Mixology 101

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