A Swinging Prohibition Style Party at Sirreel Studios

The Party of the Month? No, the Party of the Year!

A roaring twenty’s blast from the past, this year’s SirReel industry party took guests by surprise! Elegant red carpet photo shoot entrance and welcomed by Paradise Bar Services’ endless variety of exotic fruit cocktails.

Everything from blackberry pomegranate martinis to Jell-O shots passed out by flapper girls with cigarettes and candy.

Everyone looked ravishing showing off their prohibition style attire, dancing the night away to the jazzy sounds of Big Lucky Hot Jazz Band.

Guests were treated to complimentary tacos provided by Gus’s Lunch Box food truck, hand rolled cigars and the alcohol mystery remedy of Mr. Elixir.

The event proved to be ‘speakeasy’ of Burbank; every guest left with smiles for now and later through photographs by Venice Photography and the social media team from the University of La Verne communications department.

The event was an exceptional representation of a roaring twenties Prohibition Party that could not have been possible without the marvelous host and CEO of SirReel Studios, Wes Bailey.

A special thank you is extended to everyone involved with the planning and operations of the event. The execution and development of the event took months, but the night’s memories will play on forever!

Overall, the success of the SirReel Industry Party 2013 leaves high expectations for next year’s gathering! Who knows what the theme will be, all I know is I’m attending!


Written by, Alexalynn Atkinson – VytelLA Director of Social Media and Marketing; Alexalynn.atkinson@laverne.edu (link sends e-mail)

Photography by, Jerrison Rose Photography; Jerrisonrose@gmail.com (link sends e-mail)

Contact Lee Decker for Multimedia Assistance; vytalexperience@gmail.com (link sends e-mail)