Elevate your brand by creating unique, unforgettable experiences for your clients
and potential customers.

Your prospects and customers are tired of being pitched, and they’re burned out on digital events. No one wants to sign on for one more video call—even if you call it a “happy hour.”
B2B marketing and sales professionals need a new way to stand out from the crowd, and that’s exactly what Unicorn Vodka was designed to do.
A Unicorn Vodka virtual mixology event is a completely new opportunity that leverages an all-natural, color-changing cocktail experience to increase engagement with your target accounts and best customers—moving conversations forward and accelerating your business.
How It Works

Each participant will receive a Unicorn Vodka Tastemaker Kit in the mail.
During your mixology event, renowned celebrity mixologist Mitch Harris, of Paradise Bar Events, will demonstrate how to craft unique, color-changing Unicorn Vodka cocktails.
Mitch will also facilitate a conversation with his signature energy and flair, leaving as much time as you need for sales and/or marketing presentation.

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What It Costs
Each Unicorn Vodka Tastemaker Kit includes everything you need to make your first all-natural, color-changing cocktails: 750ml bottle of Unicorn Vodka, soda water, lime juice, shot glass, collins glass, and tea jar.
Minimum of five people per class, $140 per person for one hour, and $190 per person for two hours.
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Give your sales and marketing teams the edge they need.

As every event goes digital, be unique.
Availability is limited, so contact Paradise Bar Events to book your event today.